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Boutique Law Firm assisting with business and brand protection. We offer services and products that will not only protect your brand, but help it to THRIVE!

Protect your brand!

With the holistic wellbeing of the modern-day entrepreneur at the forefront, our firm prioritizes the specific needs of each particular brand. It is our core belief that the less a business owner has to worry about, the easier it is for their business to grow.

  • Trademark Your Business

    Trademarking exists to provide you with protection against infringers using your brand name and images as their own. It protects your brand (and you, of course) from counterfeiting and fraud. Take your brand to the next level and sleep with peace of mind, knowing that your brand is protected.

  • Contracts

    Are you using outdated or computer-generated legal contracts for your business? Please do yourself a favor and stop while you're ahead!

    It is important to protect your business with the appropriate legal forms and contracts.

  • Business Formation

    Ready to turn that business idea into reality? We will register your desired business entity, draft and file your articles of organization or incorporation, appoint a registered agent and obtain your business' EIN all for one flat fee.

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Shop Our Contract Templates

Contract Templates

Shop our pre-made contract templates specifically designed to protect your business. 

  • Retainer Services

    Ideal for entrepreneurs who would like continuing assistance with their business/brand/project or would like our consistent legal advice and services.